Jenny and Adrian: “The Perfect Self”

LDP Lincoln HS Project pair, Jenny and her JC Adrian, did an activity called “The Perfect Self” where they exchanged their ideas about their “ideal” selves. Some of the elements of the ideal self included discussion about college, career paths, marriage, and hobbies. They talked about the emotions and identity they hold in this ideal self versus what’s actually best for them. This helped Adrian realize her goals and what she must do to reach them. Then they took buzzfeed quizzes and ate cheetos! This one-on-one sounds like a great time and it’s a great lesson on self-esteem and goals. You go gals!

Group 1.2


Goal Setting with Aidan and Ben

Goal setting is the name of the game! SC Aidan and JC Ben from Lincoln South East Project put their knowledge about goal-setting into action. “We had just talked about effective goal setting in the NHRI class, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a oneonone with Ben. Ben’s a pretty competitive person, so we thought having small challenges for ourselves throughout the week would help us be more productive during the week. Ben and I evaluated our current situations and identified a couple things we wanted to improve. He wanted to improve his grades and I wanted to work on a consistent sleep schedule. From there, we applied the criteria for goal setting and created week-long goals to take steps toward our ultimate goals.” Thanks for sharing Aidan!


Timothy and Aidrik: Identifying Strenghts

The pair from Roper Project created unique ornaments that reflected their strengths! Timothy tells us all about it: “I wanted to do some sort of craft that would allow Aidrik and his twin brother McCoy identify their strengths or positive character traits. Since Christmas is coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to make ornaments that also displayed those strengths or traits. I found multicolored bells and I set a color to a couple strengths or traits I thought they could identify with. Gold represented Joy or happiness, silver was smart or intelligence, red was loving/caring, green was responsible/dependable, and blue was fair/honest. Aidrik went with red, green, and blue and McCoy chose gold, silver, and red. After picking their colors I asked them why they thought that was a strength of theirs and give an example if they could think of one.” Thank you for your investment, Timothy!

Scrapbooking with JaLee & Jordan

“I came up with this scrapbook idea for my JC Jordan Erstad and I to do throughout the year as a way to keep her invested in the program outside of our one on ones but also to remember our relationship with, as it’s our last year. I challenged Jordan to take pictures of things at school, in her friend/family life or whatever that she saw herself investing in someone, using her strengths or someone had invested in her. We themed each month to holidays and got stickers for it and everything. Some of the months I want to do projects with her to use her strengths and invest in others. For example, for November we plan on making goodie bags of socks, gloves, and essentials for the Lincoln city mission, and volunteering there possibly or just handing them out taking pictures to remember that experience and talk with the people. Then we would develop those pictures and she would write a little paragraph about them in the scrapbook. We would like to keep that theme going if doing something together every month to put in the scrapbook.” – JaLee Pilkington. Woohoo! Great job, JaLee!

JoAnna and Mya: Strengths

First, Mya and JoAnna worked on this activity regarding her top 5 strengths. JoAnna had Mya identify examples of when she had recently used her strengths and 3 she’s proficient at.  Then they talked about how even though they are in her top 5, she can still improve these skills so JoAnna had her talk about 2 she could work on and how to do so. They also touched on why it is not only important to know what your strengths are, but also to understand them well so that you can become an even better leader and see your purpose in life.  Mya was so into it and was even asking if they could look back at the definitions of her strengths to better understand everything.

Way to go JoAnna and Mya!!image001.jpg

Karli and Morgan: Open-Ended Questions

Welcome back to school NHRI fam! Hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing spring break. We have yet another OOOOOTW! Congratulations to Karli Nelson and JC Morgan from Roper project.

Earlier this year, this dynamic duo had a Roper Retreat where Morgan showed interest in learning how to get to know others better, so they spent a few weeks coming up with ideas on how to do that. She came up with… finding out their name, asking them open-ended questions, hanging out with them, finding their hot buttons, and including them. After that they found words that rhymed with each of those and Karli helped come up with their new rap single! Morgan and Karli found their fab outfits from Good Will and a sweet spot to film their music video! So if you ever need to know how to get to know someone, check out this awesome video.

Way to go Karli and Morgan!!!

Lexie and Isabella: Reinvestment and Difference Makers

Lexie Volk is a senior and wanted to start preparing her JC, Isabella, for a new senior counselor. They wrote down their difference makers, hot buttons, favorite one on ones, people they have reinvested in, and ways they have filled buckets together and put all of these in their Mason Jars. Now Isabella can show her new SC all of the things she did with Lexie as well as some things she enjoys doing to help build their new relationship!