Letters with Liz and Kylie

“Two years ago we wrote letters to our ‘senior selves’ about what are hopes were for ourselves. Then, today, we wrote letters to each other about how we’ve seen one another grow over these past three years. We read the letters to one another and I solidly cried because she wrote about not only how she’s seen me grow but also how I’ve impacted her and it was everything that I had hoped for but not every really verbalized… It was solidly one of the best (if not THE best) one-on-ones we’ve had.”  – Liz. This pair figured out how to express their thoughts and gratitude with each other in a unique and impressionable way that they will both remember for a long time!


Goals&Brownies by Penelope and Megan

brownieDo you need a fun twist on goals, or NHRI concepts in general? Treats are the answer! “I met with Penelope last Wednesday and we focused on goals. We started out by making brownies together. While they were cooking, we went to the living room and I explained to her what a goal is and the difference between long and short term. From there I asked her why she thought I had us made brownies before we started and how it related. She was a little confused, so I helped her out by saying “What was our goal while we were baking and what steps did we take to accomplish that goal?” To my surprise she told me brownies was our goal and started listing all of the ingredients and all the steps we took to make the brownies and reach our goal. After that, we enjoyed the brownies while making posters. We both had to list 2 short term and 2 long term goals and explain why we set that goal for ourselves and the steps we will take to accomplish that goal. I was very proud of how receptive Penelope was during this one on one.”


Tough Conversations with Jake and Wyatt

SC Jake had a great conversation with his JC Wyatt about one of the not-so-fun parts of leaderships. Tough conversations with our peers about their responsibilities in a position of leadership can be difficult and uncomfortable, but Jake and Wyatt are tackling it together! “Wyatt and I got coffee and talked about the various commitments he is in right now like soccer tryouts, musical tryouts, and student council problems that they’ve been having (lots of apathetic members and nothing ever seems to get done). We talked about student council the most, how as an exec it is tough because they’re but you’re friends and sometimes that means having tough conversations if they aren’t doing what they need to do. We also talked a bit about the school shooting that happened, and what the atmosphere at southeast is like because of it/his take on the high schoolers taking action down south. Lastly we discussed college/ACT prep. He’s preparing to take the ACT in April and is confident in his ability right now!”

Volunteering with Jack and Sam

“At the beginning of the spring semester, Sam and I brainstormed some ideas for one-on-ones and one of those was volunteering at a local soup kitchen. I found out about The Gathering Place by searching for Lincoln soup kitchens online and contacted one of their representatives. She gladly got us scheduled despite the short notice because she thought it was very neat that I would be bringing a 5th grader who wanted to volunteer. Sam and I arrived at The Gathering Place, grabbed aprons, and asked what we could do to help. We were asked to help with serving food, so I buttered and served slices of bread and Sam gave each person a scoop of fruit. Everyone that came through the line was so appreciative, which I thought was great for Sam to see because despite maybe not having the best situation, they were still very grateful. As time went on, Sam and I became more comfortable and began talking with the people that came through the line. I thought this one-on-one was great in further developing Sam and I’s relationship because we were investing in other people by giving back to the community, and Sam had to trust that I would take care of him in a place where he knew no one else. All of the other volunteers were impressed with Sam’s drive to get things done whether it be in preparation of serving or cleaning up afterwards. Sam and I both had a great time and we agreed that we would both like to volunteer there again soon.”


On The Move with Natalie and Macie

Natalie came up with a great trust-building activity after exploring a building with her JC! “My JC, Macie, is always high energy and always on the move so we decided to walk around and explore my apartment building. We went to different floor and even spent some time in the work out room, and she really enjoyed it. I’m planning to expand on it and next time we meet I want to get some type of blind fold and have her walk around by listening to my directions as a way to work on listening and build trust.” 


Small and Bold Acts with Elizabeth and Zainab

We can lead our “Zainab and I watched a youth ted talk all about self-confidence and not letting our fears hold us back from doing things! We decided that sometimes all it takes it just 3 seconds of insane courage to be bold and act, which in the long run can make all the difference! We decided to have a challenge that week that she would participate in gym class in whatever sport they were playing and just observe to see if it had a ripple effect for her other girl friends who usually just stand around and chat.” Elizabeth reports it did have a ripple effect for the friends around Zainab. This is leadership in action!Elizabeth and Zainab

Filters with Luke and Connor

SC Connor describes a great conversation with his JC about Luke. You fellas knocked it out of the park! “Last week Luke and I met to talk about filters that influence how we see the world around us. Because he is exposed to diversity in both debate and band, this was a great conversational topic because everyone has a different way that they view the world. As an example of a filter, Luke and I talked about political ideology and how politics affect who we generally decide to associate with, what news channels we watch, and how it influences initial judgments of people that we meet that may have different political views. This was a pretty deep topic and it was another step in the right direction seeing that Luke was comfortable to engage in this. At the end of the day, no matter the filters everyone is human. This week Luke and I did a follow up on what we talked about last week. We recapped the influence that filters have on peoples lives, and that everyone has different filters, and then we went on to talking about how we can determine others’ filters and how we could bypass differences to create relationships. Through this, the topic of hot buttons was brought up again and the fact that these hot buttons could be used to break barriers as everyone loves talking about there passions. This was also a deep one on one, as Luke was willing and able to delve into social problems and his proposed solution”.