JoAnna and Mya: Strengths

First, Mya and JoAnna worked on this activity regarding her top 5 strengths. JoAnna had Mya identify examples of when she had recently used her strengths and 3 she’s proficient at.  Then they talked about how even though they are in her top 5, she can still improve these skills so JoAnna had her talk about 2 she could work on and how to do so. They also touched on why it is not only important to know what your strengths are, but also to understand them well so that you can become an even better leader and see your purpose in life.  Mya was so into it and was even asking if they could look back at the definitions of her strengths to better understand everything.

Way to go JoAnna and Mya!!image001.jpg


Karli and Morgan: Open-Ended Questions

Welcome back to school NHRI fam! Hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing spring break. We have yet another OOOOOTW! Congratulations to Karli Nelson and JC Morgan from Roper project.

Earlier this year, this dynamic duo had a Roper Retreat where Morgan showed interest in learning how to get to know others better, so they spent a few weeks coming up with ideas on how to do that. She came up with… finding out their name, asking them open-ended questions, hanging out with them, finding their hot buttons, and including them. After that they found words that rhymed with each of those and Karli helped come up with their new rap single! Morgan and Karli found their fab outfits from Good Will and a sweet spot to film their music video! So if you ever need to know how to get to know someone, check out this awesome video.

Way to go Karli and Morgan!!!

Lexie and Isabella: Reinvestment and Difference Makers

Lexie Volk is a senior and wanted to start preparing her JC, Isabella, for a new senior counselor. They wrote down their difference makers, hot buttons, favorite one on ones, people they have reinvested in, and ways they have filled buckets together and put all of these in their Mason Jars. Now Isabella can show her new SC all of the things she did with Lexie as well as some things she enjoys doing to help build their new relationship!


Mackenzie and Kerrigan: Strengths

Another OOOOOTW goes to 17016956_1332947510081978_9125131391861289186_o.jpgMackenzie Cissne and JC Kerrigan! They have been going through Kerrigan’s strengths and they have been talking about her second strength of developer. They went to Pioneer’s park and started out by reading the description of developer from the Gallup report and Kerrigan said she didn’t see developer as one of her strengths, but more as something she just does because it makes sense. Mackenzie told her that not just anyone can be a developer and there is a reason it is her second top strength! Mackenzie had her write her name with her left hand, where she obviously was struggling, and then write her name with her right hand, which she did confidently. She asked Kerrigan which one felt better, which she replied her right hand. Using her right hand feels good, it comes naturally, and she does it all the time. Because she uses her right hand all the time, it can be easy to forget how GOOD she is at writing her name with her right hand until you compare it to something that is more difficult. Mackenzie explained that strengths are supposed to feel good and natural, and things you do all the time!! They continued talking about developer, and writing about times where she has challenged and encouraged others, and defining developer in their own words. Way to go you two!!

Jason and Jackson: People with Leadership Characteristics

This week’s OOOOOTW goes to 16991855_1321983337845062_3344364911473806225_o.jpgJason and JC Jackson from LDP Project.

Jackson and Jason went to Village Inn and started working on their ARD project. Jackson had been asking Jason about spirituality and leadership and they jointly decided to examine leadership strengths through Biblical leaders. They are looking at people in the Old Testament of the Bible and assessing their leadership strengths. They read through the story of David and Goliath and saw how David exuded leadership, and compiled a list of those leadership behaviors so that they can analyze them later to see if they can see what David’s Gallup Strengths are. Jason asked Jackson to lead their meetings over the next person they look at, Daniel.

While they were at Village Inn, the manager came over because he overheard their conversation and was encouraged by the depth of their discussion, which led Jason and Jackson to consider the importance of focalizing on encouraging others.

Also here is a picture of them enjoying their favorite food together: D’Leon’s Hashbrown

Way to go Jason and Jackson!

Grant and Christopher: Pokemon Cards

Another OOOOOTW goes to Grant and his JC Christopher from Roper Project.

Grant brought all his old Pokemon cards from his childhood and gave them to Christopher. He is starting to have an interest in Pokemon with his friends, so he was IMG_4915.PNGsuper pumped! Then they did an activity where they made themselves into Pokemon. They went through every part of the card and Christopher got to choose what he wanted on his card. He decided he wanted his Pokemon to be named Christan (Pronounced Chri-stain) and to be a blue snake with red claws! When they got to the attacks part of the card, they had to think of leadership attacks that best suited them. Christopher is a stud at including others and building them up, so both of his attacks are centered around helping others. After the activity Grant told him he was actually going to make the Pokemon card for him and bring it back to at their next one-on-one!

They met again Grant was able to show him his new Pokemon card to add to his collection. He showed his whole family and then went and hung it up. Way to go Grant and Christopher!!

Leah and Keilyn: The Giving Tree

IMG_6503.JPGIMG_5709.jpeg Leah and JC Keilyn received the Outstanding One-on-one this week. The dynamic duo is from Roper Project. Previously, Keilyn and Leah had been talking about what different types of investment relationships look like and examples of those relationships in their lives. So they decided to head to the library and read “The Giving Tree” together! After reading the story they had a little discussion about the specific type of relationship that the boy had with the tree and they identified the tree as being a “giver.” They had a great conversation about the balance within a relationship, and in the story the tree was persistently selfless despite how the boy grew distant from it. Then, they drew their own trees and thought about the givers in their lives. The thought about the ones that become so invested in them and are selflessly always there for them. Leah and Keilyn ended up writing names on each of the branches and decorated the trees afterward! Way to go girls!!